Friday, September 18, 2015

My sympathy for the Balkans

I am compulsively clicking on the BBC's website at all hours, noting with dismay that the Balkans have been left with the refugee problem on their hands without resources... forcing basically decent hospitable people to show their harsh side as they have to deal with a problem that Sweden and Germany has forced on them!
I was privileged to Interrail in a era when one could chuck a backpack in a locker at the Train Station and wander around a town while deciding whether it had enough attractions to warrant spending  further time.  In spite of the trains and services deteriorating as one moved further South, I enjoyed the then Yugoslavia the best and was charmed with the old cities of Sarajevo and Dubrovnik so when War broke out it was very saddening to me as I had met many poor but friendly people on my stay there. I remember we had strange connections to get back to Austria and wandering around Belgrade (grim + gloomy) and Zagreb at night with backpacks and meeting such friendly people, never once feeling worried about safety as I did in South of France with a creepy North African guy following us back from a restaurant one night.
So it is with regret to see the countries playing a form of Russian roulette -- pass the migrants/refugees along as soon as possible so as to not be burdened with the problem... tens of thousands is too much to handle! I have more sympathy for the Hungarian farmer whose greenhouses and crops were damaged and human excrement distributed in his fields and left to clear up the mess and annoyance for the UN secretary-general being critical of the Hungarians for putting up a fence-- hey it was effective-- look how quickly the message got around that that way was closed! Now it makes me sad to see that Croatia is bussing people to Hungary before another fence goes up and creating dissension between neighbouring countries: Austria may refuse further people and Germany stands to be overwhelmed-- if there is a harsh Winter as predicted even Teutonic efficiency may be overwhelmed.
Also I note that these refugees are not cowed people ----looking at right-wing clips on YouTube-- demonstrating in Greece and Hungary and quite vocal-- and this is BEFORE they have the right of abode in Europe-- good that they have a voice -- shame they could not find that voice in their countries... personally I think the countries in North America that started all these upheavals-- the elites and their 'agencies' in North America should be footing the bill and taking in all these people.
My understanding was..Western Europe was getting inundated with the Eastern Europeans.. now this... if I were one of these immigrants, my goals would be to learn the language and have a European child to strengthen my case, as soon as possible.  Realistically--- can they physically send back tens of thousands of people?  I think it is outrageous that those richer countries of the EU are now forcing countries who do not want people with different cultural values in their society to accept said migrants... for heaven's sake... AND the migrants do not want to go there either... how is that an acceptable solution when you made it Public that migrants are all welcome??
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