Tuesday, January 20, 2015

No lessons learnt

So everyone and his wife seem to think it would be easy to run a country based on the way the country is being/has been run-- nepotism and elitism since post-Colonial days apart from the Jagans who are guilty about not stamping out incompetence which escalated to their Party turning Animal Farm-like into their Opposition - to which I say... ya have to work with what ya got...

One would think that the Country having had independence relatively late, would sit back, study and decide on a strategy and move ahead (Jagan attempted the National Development Strategy in 1996)..regardless who was in Power...but no. So based on the Winging It By The Seat Of Your Pants mentality we lurch from one whim to another-- I felt I was again in the Twilight Zone when I saw this very revealing picture from SN about the Ministry of Health's (yet again) shot in the dark scheme for exercise in school [note to the wise-- when building those concrete blocks, incorporate a nearby space for a playing field and stick in a Games Session thrice a week or more!]. From my quick skim-- it appears some selected schools as going to incorporate a skipping program (why not all?) - and they have a Corporate sponsor-- naturally promoting its products as in the picture-- totally undoing whatever good limited exercise would do-- sort of like a Tobacco company sponsoring a heart-check up!
Picture taken from toady's edition of Stabroek News

Yup skipping program proudly sponsored by High Fructose Syrup-- ya'll learning dem good!

PS... stand corrected-- this brainwave an initiative of the Ministry of Education -- thanks to an article pointing out my rant a week after this post--- mmm perhaps someone IS reading it?

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