Monday, January 16, 2012

Migrating Labour

So the Trinidadian farmers are complaining that 8 Guyanese farmers are responsible for driving up the land Rent in the farming area of Aranguez.  I suppose following the Law of Supply and Demand, the rents seemed to have doubled - however I didn't quite follow that it was due to the Guyanese they were going out of business as the Guyanese are paying the the same market rate in addition to paying housing rents and still turning a profit to remit back home in the case of the Berbician who claimed that due to industralisation there was no farming Land available in Guyana -- where was he talking about??  Though it does puzzle me that the current Housing Drive is all in Prime arable land along the Demerara River, along the lone East Bank Road - apparently a second Highway being nixed by the short-sighted Planners who all live on the East Coast presumably.
I have been surprised at who comes to work in Guyana-- not the 'top level' people only but with increasing frequency the 'foot soldiers' - mainly young westerners getting experience for their CV's and I was unpleasantly surprised this morning by one of the rougher-looking Chinese who look like English is an alien language, hawking loudly and blowing to clear his nostrils on my driveway!
Along with migrating people coming to work I suppose the whole culture would shift to accommodate new and different approaches to life.

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